Thursday, June 17, 2010

Vendor Profile: Frog Meadow Farms

Even though the name is new, the vendors faces should be familiar to you. Formerly Hassing Farms, the Montavilla Farmers Market is happy to welcome them back under their new name, Frog Meadow Farms. Frog Meadow specialized in biodynamic heirloom berries and vegetables. In principle, biodynamic agriculture goes beyond organic, envisioning the farm as a self-contained and self-sustaining organism. Farmers avoid chemical pesticides and fertilizers, utilize compost and cover crops. Waste of one part of the farm becomes the energy for another and ultimately makes the farm sustainable. Operating a farm following these principles requires a deep and holistic understanding of how the ecosystem functions - how inputs become outputs, which in turn become inputs for another process. Truly fascinating. When you get a moment, stop by Frog Meadow Farms and ask them to explain how it all works......

Frog Meadow Farms
1) What types of products do you specialize in? We specialize in growing bio-dynamic heirloom Berries and Vegetables.

2) What are your biggest challenges in operating a farm/business? And what makes it all worth it? The biggest challenge for our farm is looking into the future and deciding what people will want, and getting people to try new vegetables they have never tried or seen before.

What makes it all worth it for us is knowing we are able to contribute in provide good quality food to others tables as well as our own. The steady move towards being self sufficient and sustainable is a huge motivating factor in the operation of our farm.

3) What food policy issues do you think are critical to the future of agriculture in Oregon? We feel that the number one issue is keeping clean seed sources that are uncontaminated by GMO and encouraging the move back to small local farming.

4) Why do you chose Montavilla Farmers Market to sell your products?

The people. They are always happy and happy to see us. All customers and vendors alike have been very welcoming and fun to be around

5) Do you have a favorite cookbook that you cook from?

With one of us being a chef it is difficult for us to choose just one cookbook. A lot of recipes are in our mental cookbook, which we are always willing to share. But if we had to choose it would be Country Harvest or Putting it up with Honey

6) What food/agriculture related book, magazine or movie would you recommend?

We would recommend the movie Food Inc
Book- Organic Gardening Made Simple

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  1. Hassing was my favorite last year-- expect Frog Meadow will be my favorite this year. :)