Friday, July 23, 2010

1,220 plates and 1,428 forks in 6 weeks

Durable Dish is a resounding success.
Last Sunday, July 18, we blasted away our previous record for dish use! I don't know why the counts were so much higher, but we used 274 plates (vs. the previous high of 213 set three weeks ago). It started off as a pilot project with grant support from the City of Portland Office of Planning and Sustainability and has become quite the popular fixture of the market. Compostable plates are good but, reusable plates are even better.

We had tremendous volunteer help to make sure all those dishes got "processed"--Kurt helping with set-up and manning the station in the morning; Quinn Taylor, who has agreed to come on board to manage the DD program with me; Audrey & Dagmar who manned the station while I was off site at Thatchers twice to wash dishes during the super busy 11:30-1:30 window; Frank and one of the JOIN volunteers, Corey, who helped w/ tear-down and jumped in to haul that final load of dishes to Thatchers after market & quickly get them all washed! THANK YOU! Such teamwork & enthusiasm makes DD feel so vibrant & viable!

Here are the full numbers from Sunday.

July 18:
Plates used: 274
Forks: 321
Tumblers: 23

Cumulative Usage thru July 18 (six market weeks), ie the number of plates, forks and cups that did not end up in the trash because of Durable Dish:
Plates used: 1,220
Forks: 1,428
Tumblers: 133

-Kristin, MFM Recycling Czar

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  1. The Durable Dish program is one of the greatest things I've seen in a long while. Not only is it good for the environment (obviously) but I think food tastes better when it's not served on/in garbage. I hope the program spreads.