Thursday, August 12, 2010

Vendor Profile: Kohlman's Soaps farm direct goat products

Goats might be one of those creatures that you either love or fear. You love them because they have an endearing way of giving you gentle headbutts and trotting comically across a field. Or you fear them because of a childhood petting zoo experience gone awry. But regardless, their milk is a wonderful thing. We at Montavilla are lucky because we have vendors that sell edible goat products (chevre) and those that sell things that make your skin soft and lovely like soaps and lotions. Just because you treat your insides well with organic fruits and veggies, doesn't mean you should neglect the side that we present to the world.
Oh, and don't forget about the farm fresh eggs that Bev sells as well....even if you haven't motivated to build that backyard chicken coop, you can still enjoy the taste of a fresh fried egg with its extra rich yellow yolk.

From Bev Garzon of Kohlman's Soaps
1) What types of products do you specialize in?

Goat milk soap, shampoo, lotion. Organic eggs.

2) What are your biggest challenges in operating a farm/business? And what makes it all worth it?

The longest term challenge have been the predators. Lastest is a bobcat that has nabbed four of our chickens. We have a guard llama, but bobcat climb trees. Other than that, we're most bothered by the rising costs of hay and grain feed.

What makes it all worthwhile is standing at the kitchen sink, washing dishes and having a great view of our little farm. I even love it when the chickens come marching into the house, straight to the cat food bowls. Gives me a chance to grab 'em and give them a kiss before I toss them outside - yet again.

3) What food policy issues do you think are critical to the future of agriculture in Oregon?

Right now for me, it's the fact that raw goat milk cannot be sold to humans in Oregon for consumption. Although it is the most widely consumed form of milk in the world, it cannot be purchased legally in Oregon for anything other than livestock feed and then only if purchased directly from the farm.

4) Why do you chose Montavilla Farmers Market to sell your products?

In the 90's, Montavilla, Mt. Tabor and Hawthorne were my stomping grounds. As soon as I found out Montavilla had their own farmers' market, I knew it was the place for not only me, but my products.

5) Do you have a favorite cookbook that you cook from?

The All Purpose Joy of Cooking (Irma Rombauer and Marion Rombauer/Becker). Not so much for the recipes, but for the basic facts of purchasing, cooking and preserving all sorts of food. It's Martha Stewart meets Julia Child meets Alton Brown. I have the paperback version and keep it all together with a big rubber band.

6) What food/agriculture related book, magazine or movie would you recommend?

Cooks, Illustrated. (magazine)
Chocolat (movie)
Botany of Desire (book)

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